| Graphic & Web Design


Basic rate for my graphic and web design services:
$40.00 per hour

I strive to give each of my clients the individual attention their projects require. This makes it difficult to estimate the total cost of web projects. That said, here is a sample cost estimate for a web site:

– 5 typical web pages*
– Custom graphic / logo design
– Navigational layout
– Meta key word tag creation COST: APPROX. $500

*A typical web page is one or two screens of about 500 words and one or two graphics. After 500 words, readers tire of paging down and may be tempted to leave. I suggest that if you have a lot of information, you use more than one page.

Additional elements that would add to the cost of a web project (and would be negotiated accordingly), include complex graphics, batches of photos, sound files, and animation. For a brand new project, I recommend starting out simple, and avoid the frills until after the site has been up for a period of time.

If you need simple updates to sites already published, I can provide this service on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis at the rate of $35.00 per hour with a halfhour mininum.

I can help you plan the best way to organize information for your web site or other project. Whether you have your own plans with specific ideas, need a fresh approach to an old project, or you don’t know where to start, I’ll provide a free initial consultation where I’ll listen, ask questions, and develop tailored solutions. I’m also skilled at writing copy and editing text, should you need help finding the best way to get your message across.

Please contact me if you need a great web site or other design services.